Psy Net Worth – How Much Has This Person Made in 2022?

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PSY’s estimated net worth is $60 million as of 2022.

PSY is the stage name of South Korean singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer Park-Jae-sang, better known as PSY.

His most famous song is ‘Gangnam Style,’ which became a worldwide success. In 2012, The Yale Book of Phrases listed the refrain of the song as one of the most famous quotations of the year.

Life in the Earlier Years

Park Jae-sang was born on December 31st, 1977, in Seoul, South Korea, the Gangnam District. DI Corporation’s executive chairman Park Won-Ho and his mother Kim Young-hee own a number of restaurants in Gangnam.


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Park was regarded as the class clown because of his disdain of school. “I remember Psy making a lot of sexual jokes during class,” a former instructor of Park stated in an interview with South Korea’s Seoul Broadcasting System.

How much money does PSY have?

Money: $60 million

Age: 43

Date of Birth: 31 December 1977

Origin Country

South Korea,

Professional Singer/Dancer as a Source of Wealth

The most recent revision was made in 2021.

From YouTube, how much money does PSI make?

Based on the language, pricing, and current audience, the following chart estimates the typical revenue from advertising on the channel.


Weekly -$578.

$51 a month

$30,067 in a year

Personal Life

Psy married Yoo Hye Yeon in October 2006 and the pair currently has twin daughters. In late 2001, Psy was arrested for possession of marijuana and was fined and sentenced to 25 days in jail.

As a result, he was unable to attend his grandfather’s funeral or say his last goodbyes to him.

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A career in the beginning

In January 2001, he released his debut album, “PSY… From the Psycho World.” The album’s inappropriate content resulted in a monetary penalty from the South Korean government. He also caused controversy with his second album, which was released in 2002, for its explicit nature. Following the release of his third and most successful album in 2003, Psy enlisted in the South Korean military as part of the country’s mandated military service for men between the ages of 18 and 35. Since he was not employed by a software development firm, he was not required to serve in the military in 2005.


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In 2006, he returned with a fourth studio album, which was recognized with a Grammy Award at the SBS Music Awards. During this time period, state prosecutors accused Psy of abandoning his day job in order to focus on his music career. It wasn’t until July 2009 that the court agreed to redraft him. He was no longer able to release his music because of financial difficulties. In 2010, Psy signed with YG Entertainment and put out his fifth studio album. There was a 19-year-old-only ban on the album’s lead song, “Right Now.” At this point, Psy had topped the domestic music charts a half-dozen times but had yet to break into the worldwide music market.

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 The demise of the Gangnam style

At the Oxford Union in London in November 2012, Psy gave a speech about the inspiration for the song. His next song would never be able to match the success of Gangnam Style in terms of popularity, thus he regarded it as both an ideal and a nightmare. Psy became only the second South Korean music artist to appear at the MTV Europe Music Awards later in the month.


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It was in 2012 when Psy signed with Scooter Braun and his Schoolboy Records after the popularity of Gangnam Style. In 2019, he founded his own company, P Nation, which released two additional albums with varied levels of popularity. Since the establishment of his company, he has signed P Nation, Hyuna, Dawn, and other artists.

When Psy wed Yoo Hye Yeon in October 2006, he became a father to twins. Psy was convicted to 25 days in jail and a $1,000 fine for marijuana possession in late 2001. His grandfather’s funeral had to be postponed because of this, and he was unable to attend.

Approximately how much money did Psy make from the success of Gangnam Style?

Psy made a tidy profit on “Gangnam Style” within the first year of its release, thanks to the worldwide popularity of the song. Ad revenue sharing from Psy’s 7 billion video views has resulted in millions of dollars in profit. Psy has made roughly $4 million from the 4 million iTunes downloads of his music. His streaming income is pitiful, coming in at only $500,000. As a result of his endorsement partnerships with companies like Samsung, Psy has raked in an additional $8 million in earnings. Psy’s “Gangnam Style” success has netted him more than $20 million before taxes, management fees, etc.


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In addition, Psy’s family has made a fortune: During the “Gangnam Style” frenzy, something interesting happened to Psy and his family. When Psy’s single became viral, the shares of his father’s publicly-traded company went through the roof. Read our Gangnam Style Rapper’s Family Just Made $30 Million articles for more information on this phenomenon.


Here are some of PSY’s finest moments:

PsyFive (Album, 2010)

Gangnam Style (Song, 2012)

Gentleman (Song, 2013)

I LUV IT (Song, 2017)

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Park Jae-Sang became an international sensation with his song “Gangnam Style,” which became a worldwide hit. After that, the song went on to become one of the most popular videos on YouTube. PSY has also released eight albums and appeared in numerous films and television shows.

PSY’s net worth is estimated to be $60 million as of 2022.

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