Miniladd Controversy: Mini Ladd: What Happened? Facts About the Predator and The Controversy

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Craig Joseph Thompson, often known as Mini Ladd, is a British comedian, vlogger, gamer, and YouTuber who was born on January 7, 1995. He has almost 10 million followers across all social networks (YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram), has over 1.4 billion views, and averages over 50,000 concurrent viewers during his live streams as of August 2019. The Sunday Times ranked Thompson third among the UK’s Top 100 Influencers in September of this year.

The Paparazzi Caught up With Craig “mini Ladd” Thompson in Dallas.

Photographers caught up with Craig “Mini Ladd” Thompson in Dallas. He claims to have recently relocated to the city from LA and is currently establishing himself. Mini Ladd hasn’t been seen on YouTube since his last video on December 29, 2020, after being accused of grooming children.

miniladd controversy

Mini Ladd was a YouTube sensation with over 5.16 million subscribers. He became one of the top 100 influencers in the UK because of his vlogs and comedic sketches. Mini Ladd had a difficult year in 2020 due to his continual involvement in controversies.

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Mini Ladd Has Been Labelled a Divisive Figure.

Mini Ladd is a divisive figure. Despite his five million subscribers and several conflicts with other YouTubers, the guy maintained a strong presence in the gaming world. That is until his predatory instincts became public knowledge.
He allegedly preyed on and misled adolescent followers in order to obtain s*xual images, according to sources.

Halley, one of the victims, uploaded screenshots from Miniladd’s direct messages showing inappropriate interactions. She stated that the texts were exchanged between her and Ash when they were both 16 and 17.
In June 2020, Miniladd addressed the situation, apologising to both women and admitting that the false accusations were true.

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When the Time Comes, Mini Ladd Will Make a Comeback to YouTube.

Mini Ladd discusses his experience in the video above. He continues by saying that he has primarily focused on himself. When asked about his YouTube videos, he replies that he is now concentrating on himself and that he would return to YouTube when the time is perfect.

miniladd controversy

However, it appears that the internet did not appreciate his return to the internet. They believed his behaviour was concerning, and that despite his apologies, he should simply avoid YouTube. One commenter also mentioned that Mini Ladd relocated to a state where the legal age of consent was 17, which was also the age of one of the victims.

Problematic People Shouldn’t Have Access to Platforms, According to The Internet.

As the aforementioned user points out, the internet feels that people who are problematic should not be allowed on sites. Zoe Laverne said she was expecting a baby this morning. The internet was more concerned about her unborn child after learning that information due to her suspected grooming habits. People on the internet were worried that her unborn kid would be abused, and they wondered if Child Protective Services could be contacted.

Mini Ladd, on the other hand, released an apologetic video in December, clarifying his behaviour and addressing where he went wrong. The internet, on the other hand, seemed unimpressed. They claimed he had missed the mark with his apologies and refused to accept it.

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Where Is He Now in The Mini Ladd Family?

According to reports, when Mini Ladd was ten years old, his family moved to Eglinton, Northern Ireland. Prior to migrating, Mini Ladd had lived in Dubai, Singapore, and Thailand.

In a similar fashion, he was raised with his brother James. There was no way to get specific information on his family, particularly his parents, at the time.

On Christmas Day, Ladd, on the other hand, posted a family photo on Instagram, indicating that he was now in Londonderry, Northern Ireland.

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