Sam Pepper Controversy – How A Disgraced You Tuber, Gained a Sensation on The Tik Tok Platform

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British prankster and former TikToker Samuel Pepper (born March 26, 1989) is most known for his prank videos on TikTok. As of October 2020, his YouTube channel had more than 2 million subscribers and 55 million views.

His YouTube channel hasn’t been updated since March 2017. Now, Pepper has over 4 million TikTok fans as of October of this year (2021).

Pepper was born in Ashford, England. He comes from a Greek family. His alma mater was Pent Valley Technical College.

It’s all about YouTube Pranks:

Because of Sam Pepper‘s fast rise to fame on YouTube, he has also been removed from the platform, which has led to his fall from grace in recent years.

While filming ‘Fake Hand Ass Touch Prank,’ Pepper was accused of harassing young women by secretly pinching their buttocks as they went by. The incident occurred in September of 2014, and Pepper was fired from his role in the show.

On the heels of “Killing Best Friend Prank,” Pepper went on to kidnap and pretend to kill Sam Golbach and Colby Brock in front of Pepper while donning a mask in November of 2015.

As a result of the negative reception of both films, Pepper’s name has been tarnished.

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It’s Disappointing How Uninspired These Jokes Are

Pepper’s prank flicks were so close to being “pranks” that many of them involved him going uncomfortably close to women and seeing how they reacted. Youtube Videos show him attempting to kiss them. Inappropriate groping was shown by others. The reason no one has done anything about it is perfectly acceptable. Everything you need to know has already been accomplished.

In late 2014, he released a hoax video in which he pretended to be someone else while he touched a women’s buttocks. This irritated many of his fans. As a result, the consequence of this response made him feel that his channel would completely turn against him unless he exposed the truth about the films That was all a ruse.

His videos were almost all shot with actors. This does not absolve him of all responsibility, because filming a “prank” video of a sexual assault is an odd choice.


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A number of women have come forward to say that he sexually harassed and abused them outside of his films. For additional information on these claims, please visit the website ent-claims:

When a YouTube star is accused of sexual assault and his fans are rapidly diminishing, what does he do? You may want to quit YouTube. Tell it like it is on his channel, please? Nope!

A few days after the storm had passed, Pepper resumed filming prank videos, but the number of views on his movies had dropped dramatically. “The bomb,” the one prank he used to win back everyone’s trust and popularity, was invented at this time.

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TikTok’s New Beginnings: A Fresh Start

When YouTube’s troubles finally caught up with Pepper in 2018, he decided to stop uploading videos there altogether in favor of TikTok, a newly-emerging video-sharing app.


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As of this writing, Pepper has 2.1 million TikTok followers, barely shy of his YouTube following, and he has re-established himself as a popular online personality.

On TikTok, Pepper uploads a wide range of content, although his most popular videos tend to be short comedy clips.

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