Wordle Word August 14, 2022: Discover Here Today’s Wordle Solution!

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As of today, August 14, 2022, answer number 421 to the daily Wordle has been posted. The letters in today’s solution can make it difficult for players to decipher. Not only that but there’s a tricky double consonant. Do you need more of a clue? The vowels in today’s world are located in positions 3 and 5. Interested in receiving further assistance? The solution to Wordle 421 is provided below.

Which word best describes the 421st response on Wordle? (August 14th, 2022)

KHAKI is presently the 421st most popular answer on Wordle.

“KHAKI” can refer to either “a tough cotton or wool fabric of a dull brownish-yellow tint, used primarily in military apparel” or “a drab greenish or brownish-yellow color.” “(Oxford Dictionaries’ explanations)”

wordle word august 14 2022

The word “KHAKI” is particularly difficult because of the presence of a second “K.” Finding the first “K” may be easy for players, but finding the second “K” will be challenging for the vast majority. There’s also the fact that the term is a strange jumble of letters, making it more challenging to decipher.

If you’re having trouble figuring out the proper word, one method is to eliminate as many possible incorrect letters as you can with each new guess. It’s advisable to utilize each fresh guess to eliminate as many possible letters as possible unless you’re playing on Hard Mode, in which case you’ll be required to use confirmed guesses in all of your subsequent efforts.

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Then, study this strategy guide for yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s games. Open a new Incognito window or delete your browser’s cookies to start today’s puzzle over.

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