Pope Francis Clears Health Hurdle: Negative CT Scan Results Alleviate Concerns Amidst Mild Flu-Like Symptoms


The Pontiff, who had been experiencing “mild” flu-like symptoms, underwent a CT scan to assess any potential pulmonary complications. 

Pope Francis Clears Health Hurdle
Pope Francis Clears Health Hurdle ( Photo: Yahoo News )

Pope Francis’ recent health evaluation at Rome’s Gemelli Hospital yielded reassuring results, according to a statement from the Vatican

The test, performed on Saturday, returned negative results, providing relief to both Vatican officials and the global Catholic community. The Holy See disclosed that the precautionary CT scan was conducted to rule out any risk to Pope Francis’ respiratory health. The statement emphasized the negative outcome of the scan and confirmed that Pope Francis subsequently returned to Casa Santa Marta, his residence within Vatican City.

It is noteworthy that Pope Francis had previously faced lung-related health concerns in his early 20s, wherein he underwent a procedure to remove three cysts due to an inflammatory condition known as pleurisy. This historical context adds significance to the recent medical examination, as the Vatican remains vigilant about the Pope’s well-being.

The Vatican announced the cancellation of the Pontiff’s scheduled audiences on Saturday

Despite these disruptions, the negative CT scan results underscore the resilience of Pope Francis’ health and alleviate concerns about potential complications. In summary, the recent medical assessment at Gemelli Hospital, which included a CT scan, confirmed the absence of pulmonary issues for Pope Francis. The Pontiff’s return to Casa Santa Marta signals a positive outcome, and while audiences were canceled due to a slight flu-like condition, the overall health report offers reassurance to the followers of Pope Francis worldwide.


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