I Had £3, and My Mother Gave Me £10 in Response- How Much Money Did I Have? A Riddle Explain

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It’s not easy to figure out the solution to the intriguing problem, “I had £3, my mom gave me £10.” What the year 2020 has shown us is that it is possible to consume excessive amounts of Netflix.

Following the implementation of lockdown measures earlier this year to combat the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, millions of people throughout the world have been confined to their homes and are looking for ways to pass the time.

While streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ were entertaining for a while, many of us eventually sought out puzzles to keep our minds active.

The “I had £3, my mum handed me £10” conundrum has recently gone viral on social media, but what is the solution to this brainteaser?

Puzzle: “I Had Three Pounds, My Mother Gave Me Ten”

Quite surprisingly, the answer to the puzzle “I had £3, my mom gave me £10” is as follows:

i had £3, and my mother gave me £10 in response- how much money did i have? a riddle explain

I had £3. Both my parents handed me cash: my mom gave me £10 and my dad gave me £30. The £100 came from a gift from my aunt and uncle. A further £5 was in my possession. What was the sum of my cash reserves?
This is a trick question, so you’ll want to take your time and study it carefully before attempting an answer.

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Can You Tell Me How Much Money I Had?

£8. The correct solution to this enigma is £8, not £148 as some may assume.

The inquiry is asking for the amount of money you started with, which was only £8, even if your loved ones gave you a huge £140.

It’s true that the question could be made clearer if it asked for the amount you started with, but then where would be the pleasure in that?

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