Danny Masterson Receives Life Sentence: Wife and Family in Court

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In a stunning turn of events, former “That ’70s Show” star Danny Masterson has been sentenced to 30 years to life in prison in his Los Angeles rape case, leaving his wife, Bijou Phillips, and mother, Carol Masterson, visibly distraught during the court proceedings.

Danny Masterson Receives Life Sentence
Danny Masterson Receives Life Sentence ( Photo: ConchoValleyHomepage.com )

The sentencing, which took place in Los Angeles Superior Court, also saw the attendance of Danny Masterson’s brother, Christopher

Phillips, wearing sunglasses throughout the proceedings, maintained a stoic demeanor. After the sentencing, both Phillips and Masterson’s mother were swiftly escorted to a waiting vehicle. This marked a significant departure from Phillips’ emotional reaction in May when Danny Masterson was initially convicted of two counts of forcible rape. On that occasion, she audibly expressed her distress upon hearing the verdict, prompting a reprimand from Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo, who urged her to compose herself or exit the courtroom.

The victims of Danny Masterson’s crimes left the courthouse embracing each other, with actress Leah Remini, who had been embroiled in the case, standing by their side

The judge also admonished Mr. Masterson directly, stating, “Mr. Danny Masterson, you are not the victim here. Your actions 20 years ago robbed another person of their choice and voice. Your actions then were criminal, which is why you are here.”

Throughout the reading of victim impact statements, Danny Masterson maintained his composure, flanked by guards and his attorney, Shawn Holley. Meanwhile, Phillips arrived at the court alongside the Masterson family, appearing solemn and seemingly detached from her surroundings.

The couple, Danny Masterson, 47, and Bijou Phillips, 43, had wed in a quiet ceremony in Ireland in October 2011 and welcomed their daughter Fianna in 2014.


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