If Ukraine wins, Putin’s supporter threatens to launch a nuclear strike on Washington

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Vladimir Putin’s close associate has warned to unleash nuclear weapons on the United States if its assault on Ukraine fails.

Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy head of Russia’s Security Council, stated in a Sunday Telegram message that Moscow might employ nuclear weapons should “Ukraine with its supporters” succeed in forcing Russia out of the war-torn nation.

“For a brief while, let’s pretend that ‘Ukraine with its supporters’ triumphed and Russia lost. What could be such a win for our adversaries, the neo-Nazis, and their Western sponsors?” Based on the translation by former adviser to the Ukrainian Department of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko, which was published on X, previously Twitter, Medvedev stated.

He continues with his discussion of the “breakdown of Russia,” describing the fall of the USSR after the Cold War as a “return to the borders of 1991”. If the West prevailed, according to Medvedev, Russia would completely collapse, with “tens of thousands of victims.” It’s the end of our future, as he put it. The world’s fall into nothing.”

The article goes on to say: “The fall of Russia will have far worse effects than the outcome of any regular conflict, not even the longest one. Attempts to bring Russia back to its borders from 1991 will ultimately result in one thing. Utilizing our state’s entire strategic weapons, we are engaged in a global conflict with Western nations.”

He continues by threatening major capital cities in the US and Europe with nuclear weapons. “Against Washington, Berlin, London, and Kyiv. “Against all other stunning historical sites that were formerly part of our nuclear triad’s aircraft targets,” he wrote, based on Gerashchenko.

In closing, Medvedev said, “Would we have the courage to face this if the extinction of our great motherland, a country that appears back thousands of years, is at risk, and every sacrifice committed by the Russian people over the centuries would be for nothing? The solution is clear-cut.”

On February 24, 2022, Russia started its invasion of Ukraine, which was nearly 2 years ago. After that, as Russia continued its campaign, Putin and other senior authorities warned about to use the nuclear weapons.

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