To “Jeopardy” Fans, What Is the Most Frustrating Bible Verse that Has Appeared As A Clue?

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This is the second time this week that the popular game show “Jeopardy!” has stoked controversy, and this time the dispute is of Biblical proportions. The question of whether or not Paul penned the Letter to the Hebrews has been debated by scholars of various faiths.

There are three remaining champions in the tournament: Amy Schneider, Andrew He, and Sam Buttrey. The winner will be determined by whoever wins three rounds first. This clue, categorized as “New Testament,” was presented to the gang on Wednesday:

After a disputed Final Jeopardy! clue splintered participants in the “Tournament of Champions” final rounds, viewers of “Jeopardy!” were left bewildered and a little peeved. This is the second controversy about a clue in as many days for the show.

What Makes This Assertion so Divisive?

jeopardy controversy

Since the remark pertains to the Bible, it is not contentious. The trivia show frequently covers topics like that. However, even among Biblical experts, the proper response remains a matter of disagreement.

Schneider got it right when he asked, “Who are the Hebrews?” and Ken Jennings agreed.

When pressed for an answer, Buttrey guessed “Who are the Romans?” and got it wrong.

His reference to the Philippians as “Philippines” is similarly inaccurate.

All the correct answers are books in the Bible that contain collections of epistles, or letters, written by Paul, an apostle of Jesus, to various communities in the early years of the Christian church.

However, there is disagreement amongst scholars as to whether Paul truly penned the letter to the Hebrews and, by extension, whether the answer is true.

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The Opinions of Scholars

Both religious and historical scholars shared their opinions. Hebrews was traditionally thought to have been written by Paul since it contains the most OT quotations of any New Testament letter, but modern scholarship generally agrees that Paul probably didn’t write it for a variety of reasons, including the book’s own internal evidence.

“A Theology professor and priest wrote on Twitter. (Romans is correct) if Paul did not write Hebrews,” he continued. “Dear Jeopardy! However, Paul did not pen the book of Hebrews. argued a third historian and religious thinker.

Others argued that it didn’t matter what the solution was, the hint was poorly written because phrases like “letters,” “epistles,” and “books of the Bible” are notoriously difficult to understand for those not trained in theology.

Even though he got the Final Jeopardy!, he still won the night’s competition and is now just one win away from the tournament title.

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As Sam Buttrey Loses Toc Game 3, Fans Scream on The Show’s Writers.

jeopardy controversy

Since the authorship of certain books in the Bible, particularly the New Testament, is hotly contested, this result disappointed some fans. Conflicting sources as to whether Romans or Hebrews have more citations are stated on the Jeopardy Fan page.

A Jeopardy! viewer commented on the Reddit forum, What a bunch of garbage. This is a really bad lead. Hebrews’ authorship is a point of contention. The Roman language has the most quotations outside of the Hebrew language. The thief cheated on Sam.

‘Way to go writers you have just screwed up the biggest TOC in years,’ another user commented. Indeed, Sam was right. This must be reversed.

To be fair, Buttrey is a fan favorite and would have won had he gotten the last answer, which is the one that some people believe should have been correct.

A few days before the Bible controversy, a clue on an episode of “Celebrity Jeopardy!” referenced the suicide of Gabby Petito, a popular Instagram figure, and the subsequent suicide of her lover, Brian Laundrie, who claimed in a suicide note that he had murdered Petito.

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Final Words

This is the second occasion this week that “Jeopardy!” has generated controversy, and this time it’s Biblical. Faiths disagree on whether Paul wrote the Letter to the Hebrews. The biblical assertion isn’t contentious. That’s a typical trivia show topic. Even biblical academics argue the solution. Andrew won his second game of the week on Jeopardy’s Tournament of Champions (TOC) on Wednesday (November 16). Fans say Sam Buttrey was robbed.

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