Korean Englishman Controversy: Netizens Complain that The Korean Englishman’s Apology Is Riddled with Excuses

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Josh Carrott and Ollie Kendal, the duo behind the internet sensations Korean Englishman, started the channel on YouTube. South Korean culture and cuisine are the focus of this collection of videos.

Brighton, England’s Daryl and Maureen Carrott welcomed their first child, Joshua, into the world on May 14, 1989. Neither his father nor his mother worked in the emergency services. His paternal great-grandfather was of Chinese descent. When he was 12, his family relocated to Qingdao, China, from England. Students from the International School of Qingdao, who were South Korean expatriates, initially introduced Korean culture to Carrott. Upon his return to the UK, he enrolled at SOAS, University of London, to pursue a degree in Korean language and culture studies. His time at Korea University, where he spent a year studying overseas, was equally noteworthy. The chef Gabriela Kook, who was born in Argentina but now lives in South Korea, is his wife.

During his time at SOAS in London, Carrots became friends with Oliver Kendal, a fellow SOAS student. Besides videography and photography, he also has a strong experience in graphic design. In 2013, he was enrolled in a master’s degree programme in biblical studies. Together, they established the private limited company in the United Kingdom, Kendal & Carrott, that December. Juno Kendal is the daughter of Kendal and Lizzie Kendal.

You Tuber Korean-Englishman Scandal: What You Need to Know

Ray, a student at Fulham Boys High School, has become a popular topic in the context of the Korean Englishman issue and grooming scandal because of his girlfriend’s public disclosure of his behaviour on Facebook.

On July 12, 2022, the YouTube channel ‘Sojang’ aired a video titled ‘Shocking confession of a Korean girlfriend who became a fan of a Korean Englishman to a lover’. Right now, it’s not available.

Korean Englishman Controversy:

As reported by the YouTuber, on July 11, 2022, Ray’s Korean girlfriend took to Instagram to make her feelings known. He asked her to buy Dr Dre’s headset and even paid through Amazon because he had her credit card information.

She Promised to Get Ray a $5 Million Louis Vuitton Watch from Her Korean Lover.

His girlfriend’s Korean boyfriend had promised to purchase Ray a $5 million Louis Vuitton watch, but the Fulham Boys High School student refused and asked for a Rolex instead.

Apparently, Ray’s Korean girlfriend travelled all the way from her home country of South Korea to be with him in England. Netizens requested that the employees of the Korean Englishman edit his post. When Raykula became aware of the information, he yelled at and threatened his girlfriend to desist.

An individual user of the channel posted a video saying, “I’m cancelling my subscription.” Ray’s clips were included in a video posted on the Korean Englishman channel the day before yesterday.

Images of Ray and his girlfriend talking on the phone have also gone viral. Stay tuned for more information on the student and his girlfriend from Fulham Boys High School.

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Fulham Boys School Is Where Armand and Ray Go to High School.

They are Armand de Lambilly and Raykula, two students at Fulham Boys High School. Both of these boys have been featured on the Korean Englishman’s channel, and they are two of the most prominent.

Armand is the school’s most senior student. After a video of Fulham Boys High School pupils’ reactions to South Korean food appeared on YouTube, he gained a lot of attention.

British High Schoolers Try Korean Street Food For The First Time! features two 17-year-old males; hence, they are either 17, 18, or 19 years old.

Josh, one of the channel’s creators, said in a recent video delivering Korean fried chicken to the entire school that videos highlighting Fulham Boys High School had reached a total of 100 million views.

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