13 Year Old Girl Sexually Abused By The Man She Met On Social Media In Illinois

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George Soriano, 25 Years Of Age, Was Arrested On Saturday As He Sexually Abused The Girl He Met On Social Media. Police Said That He Picked Up The Girl And Brought To His House And Sexually Abused Her.


sex abuse
13 Year Old Girl Sexually Abused By The Man She Met On Social Media In Illinois (Photo: Adobe Stock)


13-year-old Raped by the Man She met Online.

A 911 call was responded in a residence in North Bonham Court in unincorporated Antioch at about 3:15 a.m. on Saturday saying that they were picked up by Soriano in their home in Wisconsin. George Soriano was arrested on Saturday after driving from Wisconsin and fetched the girl he met online and brought to his place, he was charged with sexual abuse and illegally picking up a minor.

After picking up the girls, Soriano allegedly raped one them who happens to be 13 years old, Police brought the girls to the hospital for examination. Further investigation revealed that Soriano met the girls on social media app and planned to pick them up, the girls were sacred because they said Soriano had a gun. Soriano’s home was searched, and cannabis were found that he was growing, Soriano was in custody and a pending court hearing on Sunday.


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