Will There Be a Season 2 of Who Were We Running From?

The most recent international production to be made available on Netflix is Who Were We Running From? Who Were We Running From, Mother?, a 2007 book by Turkish author Perihan Magden, served as the inspiration for this Turkish television series. Ertan Kurtulan wrote the scripts for the show, and Umut Aral and Gokcen Usta handled the episode direction.

Melisa Szen (Winter Sleep) plays an anonymous, controlling mother who is on the run with her teenage daughter Bambi in the gripping criminal thriller (Eyl l Tumblr). Over the course of the seven-episode run of the show, these two fugitives bounce from one opulent hotel to the next in an effort to escape law enforcement’s grasp.

With its initial broadcast on March 24th, 2023, this enigmatic Netflix original immediately gained admirers and gained fame while receiving very little publicity or marketing.

Are There Any Real Stories Behind Who We Were Running From?

Fans will be eager to learn whether Netflix will pick up this compelling series for a second season as it expands its audience in the coming months.

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Will There Be a Season 2 of Who Were We Running From? Renewed or Canceled Status

Although it is still early for the Turkish series, Netflix has not yet stated any plans to renew Who Were We Running From for a second season. The series may not be the most well-known or talked-about one on the streaming service, but it already has a devoted fan base and is constantly adding more.Will Netflix's Who Were We Running From get a season 2?

There is a demand for these kinds of European thrillers, even though the Turkish series may find it difficult to compete with titles like The Night Agent, Shadow, and Bone, or You. Unexpectedly, the series has received no coverage on Rotten Tomatoes, and there have been no reviews posted as of yet. Also, with a 5.9 rating after 1.6k votes on IMDB, it doesn’t appear to be very promising there either.

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These numbers might make a second season less likely, but the conclusion provides ample ground for a potential sequel. Nonetheless, Netflix will probably monitor the ratings for this one in the upcoming months to determine whether the program merits that crucial second season.

It is promising because they have a history of renewing Turkish dramas—six of them are currently waiting for a second season.

Who Were We Running From? won’t receive a second-season renewal, I’m going to say. The thriller has received mixed first reviews, and the majority of the media appears unwilling to even mention it. We’ll have to wait and see, but there is a chance for more episodes, and it appears to be the most intriguing Turkish series available right now.

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