15 Best Free Travel Apps in UK

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No one ever can say no to travel, we bet. Traveling is something you always zeal on. In this technology-driven era, traveling is getting easier with apps. These apps are designed to ease each of your traveling hurdles such as booking a last-minute table at your favorite restaurant, going for a ride with an inexperienced cab driver, and staying in an unsafe homestay. It doesn’t matter if you are a travel enthusiast or a casual traveler, these apps can always come as a reward for your upcoming tours. Let us give you the 15 best free travel apps for worry-free travel.

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  • Skyscanner Train Travel App

It is exclusively designed for booking UK train journeys. The app allows you to book train tickets without a booking charge. Not only that, it helps you to book flights, hotels, and cars at cheaper prices. Next time when you are planning for a UK trip, keep it downloaded in no time.

  • Airbnb

By downloading the Airbnb app, you discover the possibility of staying in the best accommodation in a specific region. The hosts are super friendly, giving you the endless possibility to mingle with the locals and be absorbed into the local culture. Airbnb ensures top privacy to its guests and keeps on their back if anything goes wrong. 

  • Kabbee

Kabbee is an ultimate option to explore around London by mini cabs and pay through your preferred payment method. The app allows you to save time on your favorite pickup and drop-off points. Kabbee recommends the best driver in London and is relatively cheaper than black cabs. Surprisingly, it doesn’t charge a price with the increase in traffic. 

  • AroundMe

AroundMe is a super easy-to-use app that quickly identifies your location and shows you nearby banks, bars, gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants, and so on. Not only that, it has collections of tourist hotspots. It allows you to keep your ‘favorite’ entries for your convenience. 

  • UK Bus Checker

It is one of the best travel apps in the UK for easier bus ticket booking. No time waiting at a bus stop again. It offers real-time bus information— where it is coming and going. With this single app, you can also book trains, trams, ferries, and more. 

  • Met office

Won International Weather App Awards 2020 by World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Met Office is the best app for public weather forecasts. The app is a blend of usefulness, readability, quantity, and quality of information. It accurately displays weather forecasts from 1 hour to 7 days ahead. You can easily switch between daily and hourly forecasts for your favorite location. 

  • TripAdvisor Offline City guides

This offline city guide treasures restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels and everything that a traveller most likely looks for. It requires zero data charge— just download the latest update and everything is stored on your mobile. The app has itineraries created by destination experts. It also contains a compass to guide you to your preferred location.   

  • ViaMichelin GPS Navigation and Traffic 

Among all travel apps in the UK, it is one of the most favourite apps among riders. The app is known for providing accurate routes and effective cost management on trips. The app shows real-time traffic and offers 3D mapping, GPS navigation, and voice guidance for smooth ride. 

  • Uber

Uber made booking easier than ever. Above all, Uber is cost-effective. Just enter the location you want to go and a driver will pick you up at your current location. This one of the free travel apps UK, allows you to schedule trips ahead of time to ensure you have worry-free travel. Whereas your safety is also taken care of. Through this single app, you can book motorbike rides, auto-rickshaws and so on.

  • Heathrow Airport Guide 

This all-in-one app manages everything on your trip including tracking flights, reserving parking, pre-order food or beverages, shopping, and so on. For frequent travelers and first-time Heathrow visitors, it is one of the free travel apps in the UK. To make plans on the go, it allows connecting to Apple watch. 

  • HitList

HitList is way more useful for travelers who are seeking cheap airfare. It offers cheap airfare as per your current location. The design is similar to the Airbnb app and much easier to use. Safe to say, HitList is one of the free travel apps in the UK for budget travelers. 

  • Wiffinity

For digital nomads, wiffinity is on the top list because it allows connecting to public Wi-Fi without roaming charges. The app has connections to 300,000+ Wi-Fi hotspots worldwide. It combines advanced security, artificial intelligence, sensor control, and energy saving— all free of cost. Wiffinity manages 24/7 customer support for customers’ queries. 

  • PackPoint

Winner of Google Play Editor’s Choice Award, packpoint is ideal for serious travel pros. It helps you organize items that need to be packed in your luggage based on the length of travel, weather conditions, and planned activities. Simultaneously, it sends the item list to your travel mates for a hassle-free holiday experience. However, you get expert packing organizer user tips from time to time. 

  • Prey Anti-Theft

With its high-efficient security features, you can easily avoid theft and loss. The best feature is of all— it secretly captures pictures of the theft and shows detailed reports for easier police investigation. The best thing about Prey is— it has universal compatibility with major devices. It is pretty similar to ‘find my phone’ on apple— with a little exception. It has an activation lock preventing others from using your phone if it’s stolen or lost. 

  • Tablepouncer

The app is best for booking last-minute tables at top local restaurants with up to 65% discounts. The booking is super-easy— just search the restaurant and book. It notifies you of the latest deal on nearby restaurants. To add more, features like refining your result, and search by location, make it the perfect companion for your ‘foodie-being’.

Summed up

When we tend to make our trips hectic-free, we often ignore those unseen hurdles that may arise across the path. Being prepared with the right app, you can take your trips to new heights. All those apps above are put together to make your trip effortless and safer. So that you can focus more on having fun and making lifelong memories. Most importantly, these free travel apps UK save your hard-earn dollars. However, a little more planning and intuition are required before heading out on a long-awaited trip.

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