What Differences Exist Between YouTube Super Chat and Twitch Elevated Chat?

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Naturally, as Twitch and YouTube compete for dominance in the gaming live streaming space, they will share some features. And YouTube has a new function that looks eerily like what Twitch introduced yesterday.

The “Elevated Chat” features have begun rolling out to some broadcasters on the platform. If you’re familiar with YouTube streams, you’ll immediately see the resemblance to YouTube’s Super Chat.

Users can pay to have their words featured in the channel’s conversation for varying amounts of time using two different features called Super Chat and Elevated Chat.

Such features often get ported across from one system to another if they prove to be popular enough. After yesterday’s announcements, however, several users pointed out that the scaling prices for Twitch’s paid chat weren’t as user-friendly as those on YouTube.

Costs of Premium Chat Vs. Premium Video Chat

Twitch users can choose from one of five different prices for an Enhanced Chat, while YouTube users can set the price of a Super Chat to whatever they wish. The length of time their message appears on the Super Chat ticker depends on the fee they pay.

Super Chats can be unpinned for free within two minutes or purchased for $5 to $9.99. Twitch has two different donation tiers: $5 for 30 seconds and $10 for a full minute. A maximum of $150 of visibility for a promoted message can be purchased on Twitch for $100. You can spend less than twenty dollars and obtain additional exposure for YouTube Super Chats.

what differences exist between youtube super chat and twitch elevated chat

It’s important to keep in mind that Twitch’s Elevated Chat is still in its early stages of development and may undergo modifications based on user feedback in the coming weeks. The trial, which began just the day before, would last for a total of four weeks.

Expenditure Split Between Premium and Premium Plus Chat and Super Chat

While the basic revenue split is comparable between the two platforms, there is an important distinction when looking at the nitty-gritty. The 70-30 split in favor of producers after taxes is advertised by both YouTube and Twitch to streamers.

However, YouTube will not charge you anything for transaction fees like credit card processing. For Premium Chats, Twitch does not cover these charges. There are no hidden costs or taxes in the Elevated Chat split. This means that a streamer can make more money with a Super Chat than with an Elevated Chat of the same cost.

Feedback from the experiment could be used to make changes to the specifics of Twitch’s Elevated Chat. Any future updates made by Twitch will be reflected in this article.

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