Best TV Shows On Amazon Prime Video in 2023

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We talk about the Top-Rated and Greatest TV Programs on Amazon Prime Video in 2023. Keep this list close at hand all year long to stay current on the top TV shows.

Although it was founded in September 2006, Prime Video didn’t enter the TV series market until 2013, and it wasn’t until 2015 that it made its debut on television with the wildly popular series Bosch. Almost 100 TV series have been released on their streaming site since then. The top Amazon Video Original TV series in 2023 that you can view right now have been determined using Rotten Tomatoes ratings.

Starting with newly launched Prime Video series, the list is presented below. Every time a new show debuts on the streaming service, we’ll update this list. Swarm (March 17, 2023) and Dead Ringers are a couple of upcoming programmes to keep an eye out for on Amazon Video (April 21, 2023). Check out our Top Shows on Amazon Prime Video of All Time for a longer list.

Best and Highest Rated Shows On Amazon Prime Video 2023

2. The Rig (2023)

The enigmatic fog/creature in The Rig, according to critic Ricky Valero, “keeps you intrigued throughout the six episodes even when it fails to emotionally connect you to the characters.”

Official Premise: A group of workers on a distant oil rig in Scotland are about to head home when a mysterious fog envelops them and paranormal forces descend upon them.

Cast: Calvin Demba, Iain Glen, and Emily Hampshire

63% on Rotten Tomatoes

1. The Consultant (2023)

According to critic Adam Lock, Christoph Waltz is captivating in this eclectic mystery series from the author ofServant.

The Consultant is generally suspenseful and twisty, but on rare occasions, it resorts to large, ridiculous plot revelations, undermining its taut and compelling premise.

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Official Summary: Examines the relationship between a worker and their employer while posing the question of how far we will go to succeed and survive.

Cast: Brittany O’Grady, Nat Wolff, and Christopher Waltz

72% of Rotten Tomatoes

The list of the Best and Highest Rated TV Series on Amazon Prime Video in 2023 is now complete. Which item on this list is your favourite? Please leave a comment below.

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