For the Role of Vecna in The Netflix Series “Stranger Things,” the Actor Printed out Images of The Villain’s Victims and Crossed Off Their Eyes


For inspiration, Jamie Campbell Bower says he would print out images of Vecna’s victims.

The actor, who plays the villain on “Stranger Things,” says he had to get into Vecna’s “resentment.” spoilers ahead for “Stranger Things” season four, episode one. He said he printed out images of all the characters’ victims to “stare at” in season four of “Stranger Things,” which is played by Jamie Campbell Bower.

When were Stranger Things released?

Part two of season four of “Stranger Things” was released on Netflix on July 1, wrapping off the season. The show, which is one of Netflix’s most popular, focuses on the unexplained happenings in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, in the 1980s.

Vecna, a psychotic assassin with the ability to kill people in the Upside Down, is the latest threat to threaten the town from this parallel world.

What did Bower tell People?

In addition to hours of prosthetic application, Jamie Campbell Bower also did his own work to get into the villain’s headspace.

“I would picture each victim,” he said in an interview with the journal. “My next victim would have their eyes gouged out while I printed them out and nailed them to my wall. As a result, I would simply stare at them.”

For the Role of Vecna in The Netflix Series "Stranger Things," the Actor Printed out Images of The Villain's Victims and Crossed Off Their Eyes

Vecna targets youths in Hawkins, Indiana, who are dealing with their own personal tragedy, feeding on their worries and finally killing them. Photos were just one of several ways that Bower used to connect to the character’s “resentment,” he explained.

Preparing for the show entailed “a lot of deep, dark meditation and low-frequency sounds, as well as a lot of reciting the same sentence over and over again,” Bower said. While preparing for the role, the actor said he would “clear his thoughts” and repeat certain phrases “over and over and over again.”

When it came to using Vecna’s resources, “rage,” Bower noted that “music was a tremendous assist.” I used it to re-ignite that or just stay in a trance, and I would sit in pitch black.”

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