Shirt Cut Meme Explained as Viral Trend Resurfaces in 2022 as It Gains Popularity on Twitter and Tik Tok


While the internet is constantly spawning new memes, it’s frequently the classics that continue to gain traction.

Memes such as “Disaster Girl,” “Distracted Boyfriend,” and “Woman Yelling at Cat” remain popular online.

There has been a recent resurgence of Shirt Cut memes on Twitter. The internet has been buzzing about them since 2012 when they initially went viral, but what are they? Keep reading to find out why.

What Exactly Is a T-Shirt Meme?

The Shirt Cut meme is a variation of the classic comic strip trope in which a character is shown in five various costumes, all of which reveal the upper torso. The first picture is labeled “sideboob,” followed by “inner sideboob,” “boob window,” “underboob,” and “free space,” respectively.

Participants are asked to imagine or sketch their own racy persona in five distinct stances, one for each of the five categories. In the blank area, you’re allowed to express yourself creatively, but most individuals stick to the controversial topic.

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The First Meme Ever

In June 2021, a Twitter user using the handle @druzsea tweeted a five-panel template, which Knows Your Meme claims caused the format to go viral. The tweet gained over 15,000 likes because it was a blank template that internet users could personalize with their own drawings.

Shirt Cut Meme Explained as Viral Trend Resurfaces in 2022 as It Gains Popularity on Twitter and Tik Tok

People started plugging in their own characters as the template gained traction over the following weeks. To fill in the blanks, some people developed clean versions, while others came up with racy personalities.

The fad persisted on Twitter for the remainder of 2021 and appears to be making a comeback in 2022, notably on TikTok. Since its inception, the #shirtcutmeme hashtag has been used in over 42 million video views.

The Nathaniel B Meme Is Also Very Popular

Current online trends include the Nathaniel B meme.

A video clip of a young man named Prince Maj remarking to another young man, “That s*** was trash,” has gone viral online and is being widely cited as the source of the humor. No one can take care of me as I do. Whoa, wait a minute, aren’t you Nathaniel B?

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The complete video shows the high school boys engaging in a rap war using only freestyle rapping. Then he brings up Nathaniel, the sibling of his rival and potential spoiler.

In place of the more cumbersome “Nathaniel’s brother,” he prefers the shorter “Nathaniel B.” His brother is the “B” in his famous rap, and the video of him performing it at their high school football club has gone viral.

People can’t go about their day without saying, “ain’t you Nathaniel B?” after hearing the witty catchphrase.

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