Welcome to Plathville’s Kim and Barry Plath’s Ups and Downs- as Their Marriage Comes to An End


“Welcome to Plathville,” a popular reality series, stars Kim and Barry Plath as the parents. Fundamentalist Christians Barry and Kim are the antitheses of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar in terms of craziness. In a highly rigid and sheltered environment, the Plaths raised their nine children. The Plath children lacked access to television, soda, or cell phones. Barry and Kim decided that it was acceptable to have their children participate in a reality program despite the TV prohibition.

They are no longer in contact with four of their nine children. Hosanna, the oldest daughter, married young and relocated away from her parents. Moria and Micah, two adolescent children of Barry and Kim, were expelled from the home and left to fend for themselves without high school graduation or a GED. Ethan Plath, the oldest of the Plath children, stopped talking to his parents because of the way they treated his wife, Olivia (Ethan’s parents believe Olivia is possessed by demonic spirits since she approves of drinking Coca-Cola and holds other radical beliefs).

Barry and Kim’s relationship is having issues in Season 4 of the TLC show. People claim that Kim discussed her decision to leave her husband and five younger children in her conversation. “I never anticipated it being this way. Right now, there are simply many changes taking place “Mom, 49, gave an explanation. “I don’t think he genuinely wants to change, but it’s like he wants me to stay,” the speaker said. Things get worse throughout Season 4. These are the reasons the “Welcome to Plathville” actors are divorcing one another.

After 24 years, Barry and Kim Plath’s marriage is finished

Welcome to Plathville, parents,’ In a statement to People, Barry and Kim Plath announced their separation. We have chosen to end our marriage, the pair said, “after much thought and debate.” “Although it wasn’t an easy option, we are confident that it is the right one for the two of us. In our 24 years of marriage, we have seen many highs and lows, and as we move forward in this new phase of our lives, we will co-parent our magnificent kids.”

Welcome to Plathville's Kim and Barry Plath's Ups and Downs

The couple can be seen talking about their romance in an emotional way in a reality show clip that was posted to Twitter. Barry acknowledged that it had been “strange and lonely” to be apart. The 54-year-old continued: “I once believed that we would never be shaken. It has now completely changed. Just really depressing. What a catastrophe!” Barry, who was distraught, told his wife, “On sometimes, I have the impression of being a man of sorrows. What is driving you to do what you’re doing, for example, is another question I have. I kind of appreciate not simply throwing stuff out 24 years later.”

Even though Kim didn’t seem interested in the topic, she did give her husband her perspective, saying, “I just feel like I’ve been hurt too much.” Do you want me to stay knowing that I’m not happy? Kim interrupts Barry as he tries to convince his wife that there is hope for their marriage.

Response to Kim and Barry Plath’s divorce news

The children of Barry and Kim Plath have a range of reactions to the news. According to Moriah Plath, she is attempting to be impartial regarding the divorce of her parents. Moriah said of her mother, “At the end of the day, I simply want her and my dad to be happy. “It’s difficult to see since they both have conflicting desires. Although this is ripping my dad apart, I want him to be happy. However, my mum won’t be pleased with my dad.” I don’t know; people change, the celebrity, who is 19 years old, added poignantly. I would definitely like to keep out of it, honestly, her brother Ethan said to People.

Many fans are also feeling things about Barry and Kim’s divorce

So it’s not just the Plath children who are responding to the news. The area is buzzing with activity “I’m surprised my first feeling is sorrow for Barry, one Redditor said in the “Welcome to Plathville” subReddit. Kim will find someone new to control and shape to her will since he simply appears so dumb and like he spent most of his life focused on being whatever Kim wanted.

” Barry’s detractors on Reddit commented as follows: “He is grinning patronizingly at you. I was feeling awful because of that.” Kim might have already moved on, according to another Redditor, who wrote: “I believe Kim had an affair. Given how strongly fundies oppose divorce and how I assumed JB & Michelle would have succeeded, I’m still shocked by this.”

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